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Hook Loop& Lock and Locking Loops

5.0 out of 5 stars 
10 Nov 2011 
Theresa Pulido has written another super book on Locker Hooking with more ideas, tips and techniques, lovely colourful patterns, beautifully photographed "handcrafts to give and wear" and well detailed instructions and a good variety of items to make. As with her first book, "Hook Loop n Lock", this, her second, also caters for the absolute novice and experienced Locker Hooker and I am as delighted with this book as I was with her first.

The introduction of the "Ruched" element to her designs particularly excites me. Imagine if you will, the fond memories which an old much loved dress past its sell by date gives every day as a Lampshade (page 115), always near, the still good areas of the material used for "ruched" areas, not so brilliant pieces, locker hooked. The Media Tablet/Journal Cover (page 80) already a favourite and on my list 'to do'. The use of different loop lengths also extending locker hooking's 'usefulness' and the almost endless variety of materials both new and recycled that can be used for this craft.

I have enjoyed locker hooking, as my primary craft, for many years now and it is a delight to see it treated and shown off so well. I do hope there will be a third! 
S. Shipley (Nottingham, England) 

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"Projects, New Technique, and Inspiration Galore"
November 10, 2011 
This is a follow-up to Pulido's first locker hooking book, Hook, Loop & Lock (which I own and reviewed). I was hesitant to pick this one up since the first book seemed to tell me everything I needed to know about the craft (also - I didn't like the picture on the front cover). Good thing I didn't judge the book by its cover - it's wonderful inside.

While Pulido reviews the basics offered in the first book, she also introduces new framing techniques that alone are worth the cost. She also provides a nifty chart to figure out how wide to cut your fabric depending on the type of material and canvas used.

I will say that this book didn't excite me quite as much as the first, but it did provide lots of inspiration. I was able to look at the project's unique instructions and implement them on my own creations that suited my taste better. In fact, I needed the instructions for the pillow on the front cover to make my own rug which looks nothing like it, but uses the same techniques. Don't get me wrong - I love most of the projects listed as-is and wouldn't change them at all. I only wish I could finish making my baskets in time to make the Christmas ornaments - they may have to wait until next year.

If you enjoy locker hooking and want to make contemporary decor that can range from elegant to funky - do not hesitate to buy this book (even if you already have the first one). It has served as a reference guide and project inspiration. I would recommend it to anyone. 
Jan Honey

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"I'm Hooked!"
November 3, 2011 
I can't believe how many projects are offered or the variety! I want to make the shawl collar (that's what brought my attention to this book) but after thumbing through the book I now want to make the bracelet/cuff, the Christmas ornaments and at least one of the handbags! Oh - and a cover for my new Kindle Fire too (when it is shipped). Best of all, I now have a use for all the yarns I've been collecting for years - AND - I can combine this with some quilting projects (because first and foremost I am a quilter). I can use all the thin fabric scraps and bits of ribbon that I've also been collecting...This book came along at a perfect time for me because I've entered the "use it up or get rid of it" stage and now I've got some really fun ideas on how to use a lot of things I've been saving in totally new ways. The book is very easy to understand, the techniques clearly explained and the photos are very inspirational. If you've got baskets of yarns, ribbons, fabric strips, or are want to recycle some fabrics or garments, this technique is perfect - I'm SO glad I found it. Check out the author's website for her videos (that's where I first saw her techniques - on YouTube) for more inspiration. 
GoldNugget (Alaska)


5.0 out of 5 stars 
"A Never Miss Locker Hook Craft Book"
October 19, 2011 
This review is from: Locking Loops: Unique Locker Hooking Handcrafts to Wear and Give (Paperback) 
This is a great locker hook book and is fulled of inspiration. With the step by step details on the instruction, one can easily follow through the project. The colorful projects are so trendy, yet, has the down to earth and practical designs. I already listed a few projects from the book into my must-do list. They are great as gifts to the loved one especially for the upcoming holiday season. 
Craft Passion (Malaysia)


4.0 out of 5 stars
October 13, 2011
I love the variety of the book. It took me away from hooking and looping only rugs. It also presents trendy projects. I loved the review on how to hook like this.
Nancy Noel (Maitland, Florida United States)


"Received my order (for Locking Loops), and just had to tell you that I love the book. One was for me and one for a friend. The fabric and colors are beautiful, I have already made a cute flower for my Mom and making bangles for my daughter's school friends for Christmas gifts. I love this technique and the beautiful fibers and ideas. I have crafted for many, many years, (painting, crochet, cross stitch, quilting, knitting, sewing, etc.) and always looking for new ideas, and I like that you have taken an old tradition and created beautiful new pieces."
- Jenny

"The beautiful color combinations (in Locking Loops) are what drew me to your creations and your first book. You have an eye for design and color. I am loving the second book."
- Missy

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"A new (but old) craft"
February 10, 2011
"I stumbled across this book and was impressed with the author's creativity and bright new style. Her sense of color and design add new life to this old technique. The craft is new to me and with it, I hope to create some lovely items for gifts or for my home. 
- Bargainfairy (New Jersey)

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"Yeah! more crafts..." 
December 20, 2010 
 “Cool ideas, great pics, and clear instructions prepare you to tackle these hook, loop 'n lock projects. Very pleased with the book, but haven't tried any yet. Good info on supplies needed.”
- Artistic soul, Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"Excellent Book"
September 24, 2010 
 “I looked at a couple of locker hooking books and this provided the basics and some more advanced in very clear explanation. Very easy hobby and the projects turn out looking very good.”
- Disappointed, Amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars 
"Locker Hooking treated as the wonderful craft it is."
7 Aug 2010 
 “As a long time Locker Hooker I awaited the arrival of this book with a mixture of excitement and trepidation as this "obscure craft" is rarely given the recognition it deserves. Oh happy day when it arrived! It is wonderful, surpassed my hopes, and Theresa Pulido has written a book which not only gives clear and basic instructions in how to Locker Hook but also lovely items which are enticingly and beautifully photographed and whose instructions for making them are clear and can be made by the experienced and beginner alike. She has given me ideas to further my primary craft and, so far, a "Banded Bangle", made the night I received the book, many more of which I'm sure I'll be making along with many of the other items contained in this book. 

Locker Hooking is a craft which can be a good way of recycling if that is something you like to do as, so long as you can make a length out of something; plastic bag, fleece, old tee shirts, yarn, fabric offcuts, ribbons, beads, lace, found objects etc., you can locker hook with it, you can easily create beautiful, useable items. I very much hope there will be a sequel exploring more the possibilities this craft offers and perhaps using the small Locker Hook too but, in the meantime, this book will keep me busy, having given me tons of ideas for new projects and, hopefully, will introduce many, many, more people to this easy, versatile, quick and exciting craft. Very well done!”
- S. Shipley (Nottingham, England), Amazon.co.uk

5.0 out of 5 stars 
13 Oct 2010 
 “If you have never seen this craft before this book is all you need to get you started with enough projects to get you inspired and detailed enough for a beginner. Would recommend to anyone interested in locker hooking.”
- S. Roberts (Dorset, England), Amazon.co.uk

I love it!
March 26, 2010 
“I had never heard of locker hooking until a friend discovered it and showed it to me. I found this book to be very informative as to how to do this craft and now it is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening, or even an afternoon, for that matter. The book features some really great projects, some simple and some more involved. I really like it and am now an enthusiastic locker hooker!”
Judith, Amazon.com

“Locker Hooking is an obscure craft that's making its way back...For inspiration and details you must take a look at Hook, Loop & Lock by Theresa Pulido. We fell in love with the projects from this book. So much so, that we created a video to explain the locker hooking technique.” 
Beverly’s Crafts Newsletter (Fabric and Crafts store chain)

“I think locker hooking is experiencing a renaissance because of your Hook, Loop & Lock book.” 
- Author & Owner, Donna Kooler, Kooler Design

“Have you ever asked yourself "why did I buy that fabric" or "what am I going to do with the rest of that fabric"? Try giving them a new lease on life by locking them away into a hooked project. Locker hooking is seeing a resurgence and we have all been stroking the book "Hook, Loop & Lock" with its' visually and texturally stimulating, small and large innovative projects. Delicious!” 
The Craft Mailbox

locker hooking 101
March 21, 2010
“This book has easy to understand instructions with accompanying illustrations to help the beginner get started. Patterns range from easy to more difficult and span a wide range of projects (rugs, lamps, purses, coasters). I love it!” 
- N. Stennett, Amazon.com

great beginner's book
June 10, 2009 
“I was really pleased with this: wonderful, clear photos outlining every step of the process; great instructions; a good variety of colorful, fun projects.” 
- Loomweaver, Amazon.com

Crafter's Choice Reviews

Great Idea's, April 24, 2010
“Hook, loop and lock has great instructions and nice idea's. Projects are very rewarding. You will love this book.” - Joyce

THIS is going to be fun!!!, January 25, 2010 
“...found the hook at Michael's and bought their whole inventory of three. The book has great instructions, a variety of projects that really get your imagination going, and a range of difficulty. My friends and I say let it snow, we're gonna be "hookers" this winter!”
- missB

Can't wait to start, January 19, 2010 
“I did some rug hooking in college. This looks much more advanced with great projects. It has a more sophisticated look. I can't wait to try some of the projects!”

Great, December 29, 2009 
“This book is very inspiring and I can't wait to start! The book is well written and easy to understand with great pictures.” FYI- I found a locker hook at Michael's in the rug hooking section, for those of you who live in Nebraska (I do not know if Michael's is nation-wide or not). :) - angellynne

November 07, 2009 
I am excited to try this. I bought book and went into a craft store with it to purchase supplies and left it lay on some material I was looking at. Employee's found it and when I asked if they had found the book, 3 employee's were looking at it and writing down the book numbers to order the book for their store. Great!! 
- Joyce

Great Book, November 07, 2009 
“This was the first time I had tried this method of working with hooking. It is very well written and shows exactly when and where and how the method works. I would definitely recommend this book to others.” 
- Donna

I'm hooked on Locker Hooking, June 03, 2009 
“This book has GREAT photographs illustrating locker hooking and some great ideas. I had no idea I could get into locker hooking so quickly but I have and I really enjoy this art/method of rug hooking. There are over 127 pages -- well illustrated; great color pictures; great ideas.” Great for something to do in the evening while listening to the tele with DH. Have one other book on locker hooking 48 pages. I would not TEAR the strips of material - cut with scissors or rotary scissors. Hope to see more books on locker hooking. It's fun! The price for this book is reasonable for the info. 
- June

A "new" craft I can really get into, May 05, 2009 
“I read Theresa's book cover to cover the night I received it in the mail. The photos are beautiful, the projects are creative and the instructions are easy to follow. Plus the projects are such that I could see myself making any of them. They are kinds of homespun goodness anyone would love to receive as a gift or display in ones' home…” I am a graphic designer so I am intrigued by the idea of creating my own graphic patterns. Theresa is working on a website to promote locker hooking and a network where locker hookers can gather to exchange tips and ideas and photos of projects. There is not much going on there yet but you can join the community at lockerhooking.ning(dot)com to get in the loop. 
- Deidra J

Craft Recipe: DIY Party Lantern or Color Crazy Fern Ball

You’ve probably seen these types of paper party lanterns. They’re inexpensive and come in different colors. Well, I recently finished my own version of a party lantern and thought I should share. My neighbor asked if I could help by creating it for a fundraiser to benefit the Bouverie Preserve, and I thought sure, why not? This is a  fun project you can do with kids or a group of friends to create colorful party lanterns for a special event.

Color Crazy Party Lantern
Color Crazy Fern Ball

This is also a great way to use up leftover strips of fabric, ribbon and yarn. I got a little color crazy and painted it with Lumiere luminescent paints–this way it would cast a shimmery glow when lit up– glued on a little fuzzy yarn (you’ll need some patience if you plan to glue yarn on a big lantern), and strung up the bottom with lots of Color Crazy Fabric Strips and ribbons tied on to locker hooking canvas. The theme was the Bouverie Preserve so I called this the Color Crazy Fern Ball.

Here’s a close up of the fringed lantern:

Lantern fringed bottom created with lots of Color Crazy fabric strips and ribbons
Lantern fringed bottom created with lots of Color Crazy fabric strips and ribbons

Color Crazy Lantern Craft Recipe

Paper Lanterns–Buy white if you want to paint them, or you can find different colors and sizes at Luna Bazaar at great prices. They also have the led lights for lighting them up.

  • 3.75 Mesh Canvas–3″high and long enough to wrap and overlap to make a round circle that fits the bottom of your lantern
  • Lumiere luminescent paint or other paints of your choice
  • Fringed novelty yarn of your choice for added texture
  • Lots of colorful fabric strips and ribbons to create the fringed bottom. I used the Color Crazy hand-dyed fabric strips, the Color Crazy Satinique fabric strips and some leftover bits of sheer ribbon.
  • Fast drying glue like Quick Grip. You can also use Elmer’s glue.


  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Tapestry needle and locker hook or crochet hook

    Satinique Fabric Strips
    Satinique Fabric Strips


  1. Paint: If you plan to paint, prepare and protect your area with newspaper or a drop cloth. Follow instructions to open up your lantern and set up. Paint one side first, let dry. Once dry, turn over and paint other side. I chose the Lumiere in Citrine to paint the whole lantern. I then used the Halo Blue Gold color to paint my version of ferns.
  2. Optional: Attach yarn. Create a pattern with glue. Go one small area at a time…let the glue dry a bit and get tacky and then attach yarn. Use adhesive in a well ventilated area. You can also attach other embellishments like paper or fabric flowers.
  3. Create Rug Canvas Tube: Paint the locker hooking canvas and let dry. Fold over long edges and wrap to form circle. Tie together or use tapestry needle to whip stitch edges and form circle. color-crazy-locker-hooking-canvas-lantern
  4. Create Fringe:  Cut long pieces of fabric strips and ribbon and/or yarn too–about 6 – 9 inches depending on the size of your lantern. Tie strips to canvas starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top. Use the locker hook to pull strips through canvas and tie on. Skip a row or two depending on coverage needed. Alter colors so there’s a good mix and alter lengths also. Continue to tie on until canvas is completely covered. Use scissors to snip edges at an angle and create the fringed look.
  5. Tie Fringe Tube on Lantern: Use the tapestry needle and long pieces of fabric strips to tie the fringed tube onto the bottom of the lantern. You will need poke through the paper at the bottom of the lantern and tie to the aluminum wire securing the edge. Create ties with fabric strips around the top circle of the tube and tie on to the lantern. You can tie knots and create bows to add more texture to the bottom.
  6. Ready for the party: Hang your lantern and enjoy!gocolor-crazy-craft-recipe-party-lantern-fringe-tube




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