Locker Hooking a Confetti Tote Bag with Hand-Dyed Fabric

August 10, 2016

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I’ve been wanting to create an easy to locker hook pattern for a confetti tote bag. I locker hooked one for my Mom that was so easy, I decided to create some kits.

Confetti Tote Bag

Created with Hand-Dyed Fabric & Jute Twine

The confetti tote bag is a simple locker hooked design that is fun and vibrant, and it’s casual enough to use anytime. The hand-dyed colors are great combinations and work well with denim and casual attire. The kits for these with all materials and instructions are available from, $44. You can also download the Confetti Tote pattern and there’s a video with locker hooking tips on the site. They’re available in 4 different color combos.

Confetti Totes: Multi, Aqua/Multi, Red, Blue

This is an easy to follow pattern that you finish quickly because it’s locker hooked on 3.75 mesh canvas, . The colored twine in this pattern is doubled up when pulling up loops and is easy to locker hook.  Below I share a few easy steps. The Tote Bag tips video is a must if you’ve never assembled or worked with twine.

Tote bag is locker hooked in the round by overlapping edges. Assemble bottom to body with fabric strips. Sew a simple lining and attach with glue. Watch the video on tips.

Creating the Confetti Tote Bag

Step 1: Locker hook tote bag body working in the round following pattern. Use a clamp to hold canvas together if needed as you work. Locker hook bottom and sew in tails.

Confetti Tote in Aqua Multi

Step 2: Finish top edge with ribbon and tapestry needle.

Step 3: Attach handle with twine and tapestry needle. Watch the video on tips!

Step 4: Sew a lining and attach per pattern.  There’s an online tutorial that covers this well at Future Girl. Just use the totebag’s measurements and a fusible interface lining if needed. Stay tuned for a post on sewing a lining.

Sounds simple and it is. Just take your time. Loops need to be a minimum of 1/4″ – 3/8″ in height and the twine loops are pulled up by doubling up and pulling two at a time. Twine loops must be a bit higher than the fabric to accent nicely.  Download the pattern and create your own, or buy the kit in your favorite color combo. Happy Hooking!


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