Top 10 Easy & Colorful Holiday Gift Ideas — #10

December 09, 2011

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This holiday season I think we’re all more cost-conscious consumers. When giving gifts, the prevailing trend is to be frugal rather than spendy. Something hand crafted is also extra special. In line with this idea, I have decided to make most of my gifts. But I realize they need to be easy to make and beautiful. So in the coming days I plan to share 10 of what I think are the best ideas. I already have a few of these made but I still need to make lots more so I best get to work! The first idea is the hooked and stitched sachet. I call these Earth Goddess Sachets and they can be displayed anywhere to add  a colorful, elegant and aromatic touch. They’re a small version of the Ring Bearer’s Pillow featured in my Locking Loops book. This is number 10. Stay tuned for the next one.

#10 Hooked & Stitched Sachets

Earth Goddess Sachets

The Earth Goddess Sachets are locker hooked and stitched on linen burlap. The fabric is painted with Lumiere metallic fabric paints, I use Hannah Silk ribbons by Artemis, Vintaj brass filigree pieces and Color Crazy beads to accent. They can be filled with lavender or your favorite potpourri. I use leftover swatches of pretty fabrics like velvets or silks for the backings.


Earth Goddess Sachets--Front & Back
Front & Backs of Sachets

Easy to make:

1. Paint a cut of linen burlap with Lumiere paint and let dry. Press with an iron to set the color and press out wrinkles.

2. Cut a rectangular or square shape of the painted linen burlap in the size desired and add 1/2″ for seam allowance. Cut the same size for a backing. Press seam allowance under 1/2″.  The sachets shown above range in size but most are 5 1/2″ x 7″.

3. Use embroidery floss or a light weight yarn to stitch a frame (approximately 1/2″ long) around edge.

4. Locker hook a flower shape by pulling up long loops in a circular shape. Locker hook yarn in the center or other ribbon to accent. Stitch beads, buttons, or filigree accents in center if desired. Or, you can just opt to wrap the sachet pillow after it’s sewn together with pretty ribbon and tie in a bow. Stitch a bead on top of bow to accent.

5. Place top and bottom right sides facing each other and pin together. (tip: Tape or pin ribbon loops away from edge to avoid accidentally stitching at seam.) Use sewing machine to stitch together on three sides. Pull inside out. Fill with potpourri like lavender or your favorite. Hand stitch the opening. Stitch on any additional accents or wrap with ribbons and tie a bow.

Enjoy giving as a great hand-crafted gift.


I just submitted this to Today’s Creative Blog for “Get Your Craft On Tuesdays.”


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