Fabric Strips for 5-Mesh Canvas

These are fabric strip options that have been tested for use on 5-Mesh canvas. Some of our 3/4"w fabric strips work well on 5-mesh and 3.75 mesh but offer a denser feel.

--Hand-dyed cotton fabric 1/2"w

--3/4" w Color Crazy Plaids

--Flannel strips cut at 1/2"w  for framing edges or assembly only with 5-mesh. Locker hooking may result in warped design as the fabric is too heavy. Locker hook on 3.75 mesh canvas.

--1/2"w Color Crazy Poppana strips add wonderful texture. Combine with hand-dyed cotton for unique designs.

--Color Crazy Sari Ribbon--bundles offer varied widths. Add a touch of shimmer.

--1/2"w Color Crazy Rayon Ribbon for adding shimmery accents, locker hooking and framing edges.