5-Mesh Rug Canvas - EXTRA FIRM - For Latch Hooking

5-Mesh Rug Canvas with and EXTRA FIRM finish--specifically for latch hooked designs. Create hooked rugs with more detail on this 5 squares-per-inch gridded canvas with blue lines. Try our latch hook made specifically for 5-Mesh. It has a narrower neck allowing for easy latch hooking through the narrower 5-mesh.

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Al R.
Top notch service

Superior 5-mesh canvas and latch hook tools. Quick order processing and shipping. There was also good customer foloup to make sure all was ok.
Thanks for the great service. Will be placing more orders!

Greg D.
5-mesh canvas and tiny latch hook

Got the canvas. It was beautifully wrapped, like a little treasure. It's easier than I'd thought to hook the yarn into it, even the extra firm (I got both for testing). Thanks!

Emily H.
Great quality

Great quality and if you need it to be longer you can order multiple and ask they leave it as one large canvas. Very strong but you can still easily cut it with household scissors.

Kathy J.
Durable, strong

The rug mesh is strong, durable to lots of pulling, rolling up, unrolling, tying with no breakage. I like the grid lines for alignment and joining multiple pieces to make larger sizes. Thanks for a well made product.

James K.
5-mesh latcch hook rug canvas

The quality of this rug canvas is excellent, and ColorCrazy was the only firm I have found to sell by the yard. I received my shipment within a week of ordering.

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