Lucky Charm 3-Legged Piggy on Magic Carpet -- Starter Kit

Locker hook a magic carpet for this adorable 3-legged Piggy. The piggy is hand-crafted out of local clay in Pomaire, Chile, where little piggies are believed to bring fortune and good luck (especially 3-legged little ones). They are given to friends as a token of goodwill and love. The magic carpet is a fun and easy to locker hook project, and along with the little piggy makes for a great gift. It's a great way to get started with locker hooking. And, it doubles as a fun coaster!

The kit includes everything needed:

-5-Mesh canvas

-hand-dyed fabric strips in a variety of rich colors to create the carpet

-locking medium

-tools, pattern and instructions

-4x4.5cm 3-legged, hand-crafted, clay piggy

 Can also be purchased WITHOUT TOOLS.


Also included is a multi-colored bag to place the piggy and a mini certificate that describes it's special lucky charm qualities. Perfect for gift giving.