Latch Hook - Wood Handles, 5-Mesh & 3.75 Mesh

Create beautiful latch hooked rugs using this bent Latch Hook with comfortable wood handle. Available in a standard size for the 3.75 Mesh Canvas, and a NEW thinner size for the 5-Mesh Canvas. The latch hook needle has an automatic closure at its tip to ensure that yarn does not slip out. The wood handle is wider than standard latch hooks and offers a better grip. 6 1/4"

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Customer Reviews

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Geraldine H.
Hook rug and rug

I wouldn’t purchase my stuff from anywhere else besides color crazy they are prompt. Very helpful

Rainee C.
Thank you so much!!!!

I did not know I would need smaller hooks for this sized mesh, but since I was pointed in the direction of them I have noticed a world of a difference. Thank you so so very much!!!!!

Natalie L.
Happy with my order

I ordered the 5” tool because I am working on a rug and a wall hanging using the smaller non-traditonal 5” square latch hook mesh. This was my first time using it and I found the experience to be more or less than the same as the typical 3.75 the difference being more details. I originally used my 3.75 latch hook tool on the 5 inch mesh and found it was works but it’s a tight fit. I was afraid to destroy my tool so I bought the correct sizing tool. The tool is the usual wooden handle which I wish they sold a soft material as I often see in craftstores. However it was still nice and didn’t hurt to hold unlike some other wooden tool handles. This is the only place to get a 5 inch latch hook tool in the US. It is also the only place that allowed me to purchase a large footage of latch hook canvas. The canvas comes folded and wrapped in a string ribbon with the measurements attached to their business card it is easy to read and is great in case you forget what measurement you ordered. The string is easy to remove. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and I hope to order again from them again!

Gregory L.
Oooo yyyyaaaaa

Got me exactly the custom cut I needed and it came super quick, very good communication also ☆☆ Will be ordering again in the future!!

Milton F.
Great latch hook

I previously had done latch hook 40 years ago making some beautiful wool rugs. I ordered a new latch hook kit with acrylic yarn. The latch hook shredded about 50% of the yarn. I ordered a new name brand name hook and had the same problem. I ordered a 5 mesh and 3.75 mesh from another company, thinking that the 5 mesh in my 3.75 canvas would solve the problem if the 3.75 didn't work. It was better, but still over 30% got shredded. I ordered the 3.75 and 5 mesh from Color Crazy and all of a sudden I got a 99% success rate.
I thought maybe my technique had improved, since I hadn't done latch hook in so long, so I went back and used the 1st tools I had, and shredded 2 in a row. I won't use any other latch hooks now other than Color Crazy.

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