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Color Crazy has tested and recommends these products. Try them for unique locker hooked and mixed media designs. You can use the hand-dyed fabric strips for crochet, knitting, weaving, and unique gift wraps too! Combine fabric strips and yarn for a bulky, textural and plush look.


Locker Hooking a Confetti Tote Bag

August 10, 2016

colorcrazy locker hooking

I’ve been wanting to create an easy to hook pattern for a tote bag. I locker hooked one for my Mom and it was so easy, I decided to create some kits. Created with Hand-Dyed Fabric & Jute Twine The confetti tote is a simple locker hooked design that is fun and vibrant–casual enough to...

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Creative Locker Hooked Designs

May 23, 2016

colorcrazy locker hooking

I post about locker hooking all the time–about techniques, materials, and my own designs and patterns. If you’re new to locker hooking, you may not know the amazing creative possibilities. In this post, I celebrate the creativity I’ve discovered in locker hooked designs from customers, friends, and creative folks via social media. From small to...

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Locker Hooking a Feisty Rooster: Creating a Pattern

April 15, 2016

colorcrazy locker hooking

It all began when I saw a beautiful photo of a Phoenix Rooster. The tail was magnificent in shimmering, silvery blues. I just had to capture that feisty look too, and it took a while. I sketched a few ideas and created a pattern. I started locker hooking something that looked way too much like...

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