Textured Hearts–Colorful, Crafty & Delicious

January 28, 2013

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Heart Box with Locker Hooked "Ruched Frame" Lid

Heart Box with Locker Hooked “Ruched Frame” Lid

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here are a couple of creative gift ideas for special valentines–colorful heart shapes you can craft and bake.

The Locker Hooked Heart Box:

Locker Hooked Heart Boxes on Paper Mache--Painted with Lumiere Paints.
Locker Hooked Heart Boxes on Paper Mache–Painted with Lumiere Paints.

The heart box full of scrumptious texture and love: Create your own colorful and textured heart boxes for gift giving. Just trace a heart shape on canvas, cut and locker hook with a variety of fun fibers, ribbons & fabric, then glue onto the box top. The heart boxes are made of paper mache and are painted with Lumiere luminescent paint. The small box is covered in a locker hooked “Ruched Frame”–a technique featured in the Locking Loops book. Buy a set of these 4 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ boxes at Color Crazy. Locker hooked on 5-mesh canvas with Color Crazy Fabric Strips, raffia, ribbon, and Color Crazy Sari Ribbon (made with recycled sari fabric.) Pull up alternating long and short loops to create texture. Fill the boxes with a variety of chocolaty treats and voila! You have a special handcrafted gift. It’s just like locker hooking an ornament. View the instructional videos for ornaments at the Color Crazy1 Channel on YouTube.

Conversation Hearts in Crazy Colors–a Cheesecake Treat:

Cheesecake recipe, Valentine's Day dessert
Colorful Cheesecake Hearts for Valentine’s Day 


I discovered this yummy recipe on the Hungry Happenings page last year. They are perfectly color crazy and delicious too. Ideal for a dessert surprise on Valentine’s Day. You can find the heart shaped Wilcon molded pans on Amazon.


Locker hooked heart box with chocolate kisses & sweets.

 Fun tip: Paint the inside of the box in a different color for a charming effect.

Give a Hooked Heart

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